Selling on marketplaces is takes a lot of time and resources. With Brandsom Factory you have always have a flexible resource pool.

We support brands with Brandsom Factory. We provide operational management with most marketplaces worldwide. Click at one of the products below to find the service that fits your needs!
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  1. Product onboarding
  2. Product optimalisatie
  3. Amazon A+ content
  4. Sponsored Products

Brandsom works with:

Product onboarding on marketplaces

Product onboarding is a complex and time-consuming job

marketplaces demand a lot of specific product information. Carefully executed onboarding is worth it: it has a direct impact on the visibility and findability of your products. For instance, a complete attribute list leads to potential customers arriving at your products faster.

Product optimisation

Optimized product pages are necessary for a high visibility, good conversion and the protection of your brand image.

Amazon A+ Content

Successfully registered your brand on Amazon? If so, you will get access to A + content . This way you generate more and better promotion opportunities for your brand, because it allows you to personalize your product pages. A + content provides the following benefits:

Sponsored Products

Increase your revenue with more than 10%

Most consumers usually don’t look further than the first page of the search results on marketplaces. The big competition makes it difficult to end up here, but through advertisements you can get your products at the top of the search results.


Brandsom has been an extremely important partner for us in order to succeed at marketplaces. Through their knowledge we have improved our sales as well as the quality of advertising and product content quality. On top of their skills, they show a great enthusiasm that brings a lot of energy into our cooperation.

Sport AB

Brandsom helped us with onboarding and optimising our products within a short time frame. This was especially useful for onboarding new collections and products. They were fast and the quality was high.


We partnered with Brandsom to help us with our marketplace strategy. Thijs helped us on a strategic level. Imco and the Factory team helped us in the implementation of the strategy. At the moment we’re live on Amazon.de and are planning to add a lot more marketplaces in 2020! We’re especially happy with the knowledge and flexibility of both Thijs and Imco.