Amazon A+ content

Successfully registered your brand on Amazon? If so, you will get access to A + content (also called “enhanced brand content”). This way you generate more and better promotion opportunities for your brand, because it allows you to personalise your product pages.

Brandsom supports brands in organising and maintaining their A + content. We help you to spread your story and to inform customers about your products. We are happy to help you think about ways to integrate the A+ content of your brand with the identity of your company as well as the target group. Want to know more about our services? Please fill in the contact form or call +31(0)30 227 05 20.

A+ content provides the following benefits:

  • your product page is easier to find
  • you’ll get space to explain your brand story
  • the conversion of your brand increases with an average of 5.6%

Brandsom works with: